Are Rugs Bad for My IAQ?

by | Oct 26, 2016

rug cleaningHi and welcome back to my carpet care blog. Today we’ll talk further about why and how to keep dust and allergens out of you and your family’s lungs in your Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge or Clarendon Hills or surrounding town’s homes.

I love your homes. Each one is nicer than the last and each one has its own unique stamp that says you’ve taken a house and made it a home.
“I choose not to have carpets and rugs that hold dust and offensive things. Great, perfect.

However, unless you live in a clean room research facility with air lock, air scrubbers and micro Hepa filters you’re inviting into your home everything that’s floating around in the air outside.  It can’t be helped and indoor air purifiers, while they give you a sense of protection only go so far. Many are not as effective as they would lead you to believe.  What’s a person to do?

Vacuuming is a start.  Some of those fancy super expensive vacs are the bomb but if you can’t afford them it’s okay. The less costly ones are good too. Sure they won’t get down to the micron and sub atomic level but maybe you don’t need that?  Maybe what you need is a decent vac that when cared for will not spew dust and crud back into your homes and family lungs and won’t break the bank doing it.

Some people buy the most expensive vacuum thinking if I pay more I get more. While that is basically true for most things are you really gonna clean those drapes with your vacuum attachment?  Maybe a nice diamond tennis bracelet would look better on your wrist?  It for darn sure would look better than a vacuum on your wrist.

I have both Oreck and Dyson vacuums in my own home. Both have advantages. The Dyson cleans like no other but it’s heavy. The Oreck does not clean as well but its great and lightweight on the stairs so I use it more often.

Stay tuned for the next blog installment to learn this professional opinions and tips on vacuums.



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