Deeper into the Vacuum of Life

by | Oct 26, 2016

vacuum-cleanerHi and welcome back to my carpet care blog. Today we’ll talk further about how a decent vacuum will help keep dust and allergens out of you and your family’s lungs in your Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge or Clarendon Hills or surrounding towns homes.

Today: More on vacuums.

There is a brand out there that spends a lot on ads. They make great vacuums but when they break you are out of luck because they are cheaply made in Asia and no one around here will repair them because all the parts are plastic and what did you expect for $600.00?

Maybe you should avoid the big guys next time around. Maybe if your vac is spitting you simply need to take off the bottom face plate and the roller and take the wads of cardboard and hair out of there with a screwdriver.

Sure it’s dusty and dirty so have your husband do it.  Or wear lightweight rubber gloves.

Did you know when your vacuum is half full it loses 50% of it’s sucking power? Sure it still spins around and makes noise but you’re not cleaning. Just going though the motions.

Middle of the road is probably gonna be good enough but if you need one diamond encrusted I know a guy who knows a guy.

Do not buy the one at Walmart that is the cheapest. You get what you pay for and if you spend a little more and get a vacuum that not only looks like an Oreck or Dyson but actually is an Oreck or Dyson you’ll get a better unit, it will last you longer and best of all you’ll actually use it.

Many of the homes I’m in have great vac up in the bedroom closet but they bought a cheap-o fish vac and use that day to day because it’s convenient.   I get ease of use. Bring your Oreck down and put it in the mud room.  It will work better and if it’s a few pounds lighter than the fish vac your getting more cardio and keeping that high school cheerleader figure in shape—maybe.

Till then  stay frosty and if you need professional carpet or furniture cleaning, pet pee and odor removal, dog urine stain removal choose someone who not only has 40+ years of experience but someone who will actually show up when scheduled, do exactly what they say they will do and at the price promised.  Life happens. Accident happen. When it does Beyond Happens.

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