Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning

by | Oct 26, 2016

youg-child-with-vacuumWhy would you do that?

To save money?

Let’s think about this. Someone has a machine to rent and some soap to sell and you think, how hard can it be?  I can surely do as good a job as the Neanderthals who cleaned for me the last time.

So you go to the store and pick up a heavy machine and enough soap to last six lifetimes and you follow the instructions and what do you get?

A machine that does not spray properly and leaves your carpets wet and streaky.  Kinda funky.

But you did save some money right?  Did you?  What do they pay you an hour at work?  Multiply that times the time you spent and the quality of the work you got when you did it yourself.  Now you have over wet carpets with zebra stripes and a sore back—and you still get to haul that iron beast back to the store. Oh Joy.

Somethings we can do ourselves. Some not so much.  In school a friend decided she was going to sculpt a bust of queen Nefertiti.  Never mind she had no skill. She’d seen a bust in a picture or somewhere and how hard could it be?  I can do this. I really think I can do this. I’m sure of it. this is cake. And all this before she picked up a tool and went to work on the plaster and vermiculate block.

It turned into a free form bit of art. Lots of smooth sides because that sandpaper really eats that soft material right up. She had a lot of spunk but not a lot of skill—at least not in sculpting.

We all want to do as well as we can for our hard earned money. As a younger man I would try to do things myself.  I once took a tune up your car course at COD. My wife was lucky to get the car into the dealer to repair my repair so their ended my career as an auto mechanic.

We are all good at something. I’m excellent at cleaning carpets because that’s how God wired me. You’re great at your job but just because my doctor is an excellent physician does not mean he can paint a room or trim my hedges.

Stick to what you’re gifted at and let me do the carpet cleaning. We’ll both be a lot happier.

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