Pet Odor Removal: Part One

by | Oct 26, 2016

dog-laying-on-couchHello and welcome back to Beyond Carpet Cleaning blog on all things related to carpet care.  Today we’ll talk about how to get urine out of carpets.

Sometimes my clients insist their pet is not peeing on the carpet but there is an overpowering smell of pee in the affected areas. One lady told me her pet was not peeing down there and we brought in a black lite and it looked like a Miami CSI crime scene.   Ma’am, this is urine I told her. My pet is not peeing down here. I will not believe it. Fine. Then you need to keep an eye on your husband.

Another woman ran a pet rescue and had one dog she simply could not place. I think there might be a little something in this room she said pointing to a spare bedroom the dog had visited.  I brought in the black light and it look like a Steven King movie gone horribly wrong. There was pee on the bed post, on every single piece of furniture and the walls. There was even pee on the bed itself. Oh that horrible dog was her response when she saw the done deeds.

Finally one of our clients had a unique way of handling dog urine. I just let the dog pee anywhere in the house he wants and when he dies I’ll just replace the carpet. He had us clean the once white now golden carpet a time or two.   The odor was beyond thunderdome.  The dog finally died and guess what. He didn’t have to replace the carpet. He had to replace the carpet, the padding, rip out the sub floor, the walls, I think the studs were ok—maybe.

So pet urine can be a problem. I come home from a hard day of cleaning carpets only to find my own two dogs have left me presents and it’s not even my birthday. Logi you really shouldn’t. No you really really shouldn’t.

You may be great at what you do but that does not mean you are great at training an animal.   I’m not. My youngest son accuses me and says dad our first dog was fine because you trained him but these dogs are not because you gave up on them.   Don’t you have to go off to college or a job or something I tell him back. Okay it looks like we’re not going to get to how to get urine out of carpets today. Probably next time for sure. Till then stay frosty and if you need pet urine removal in the Hinsdale, IL area, call us today 630-779-4295!

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