Pet Odor Removal: Part Two

by | Oct 26, 2016

cat-sleeping-on-floorOk. Enough chit chat. Your dog or cat or kid had a bad night and peed on the floor.  Once when our middle son was little he was half asleep he took a wrong turn and I woke up to find him standing in the corner of our bedroom peeing in the carpet. He thought it was the bathroom. Of course when he was done it smelled like the bathroom but I digress.

Someone wizzed on your carpet. Find them and kill them later. Right now we want to get that pee out before it starts to stink or attracts vulture or buffalo or whatever.

Get some light colored towel. Red towels will leave red so make them light colored or white.  Put the towel over the we spot and step on it. Continue to move the towel around till you’ve sucked up as much pee as possible and the towel stops showing wet.

Then my little do it yourself carpet cleaner get some white vinegar and mix it with water. Fifty fifty.  Half water half vinegar.  Pour it on the spot and all around the spot. Soak it good because you have to follow the same path the urine did if you want to get it all out. Okay, now let it sit for half an hour. The vinegar will mix with the urine and break it down.

So after buffing your nails or having a cup of coffee come back to the scene of the crime with more fresh light colored towels.
Step on the  wet spot with a fresh towel and move it around till you’ve sucked up as much pee-vinegar-water solution as possible.

Now get another towel and fold it over two ply and put it on the slightly damp spot. Put some weights or heavy books on the towel to press it into the carpet. Let it set for 2-3 days. The vinegar will continue to destroy the urine and the solution will wick into the towel leaving your carpet urine free, stain free and just a little damp. Put a fan on the damp and go have another cup of coffee.

Congratulations. You are now a successful carpet cleaner and I can use you on the truck. We’ll be by Monday at 8:00 am. Pack a lunch and bring something to drink.  Till next time stay frosty. If you need carpet cleaning or pet stain removals please call us today at 630-779-4295. Cat owners call us right meow.

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